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How the Accu-strut Works


Stabilizing geometry: The Ruger Mini-14 is produced with a relatively thin barrel. While this provides for one of the Mini's most attractive features- lightness- it  becomes problematical with respect to the gun's overall accuracy. The thin, whippy barrel, combined with the rifle's highly dependable but aggressive cycling mechanism, subjects the bullet to complex and unpredictable vibrational patterns as it leaves the muzzle. All this translates to imprecise bullet placement downrange. Figure A depicts this in exaggerated form:

Figure B shows how the addition of a simple engineering component- a "rigidity strut"- can address and largely eliminate this problem. First of all, a second rigid strut member more-or-less doubles the rigidity of the overall system. To put it simply, two barrels must by definition be stiffer than one. Secondly, the added strut is displaced from the primary barrel by secure mounting clamps, adding the advantage of basic geometry to the overall equation. This configuration adds further stiffness in the most critical direction, i.e. the vertical plane where most of the recoil takes place.