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admin@accu-strut.com: for general concerns and technical questions

orders@accu-strut.com: placing new orders; also billing and account issues

custsvc@accu-strut.com: for questions about your order, shipping issues, general customer service issues


Sorry, we do not have general customer phone service at this time. Email only.This site is run by a partially-disabled person.

Due to increased volume, we regret that we will no longer respond to inquiries or requests regarding policies already clearly stated on this page (e.g. do we have phone service, why no international shipping, etc.). We look forward to answering all other questions.


  • We love answering questions about our products. However, we can't give specific advice on modifying individual firearms. A great resource for further information on accurizing the Mini-14 can be found at the "Ruger Mini-14 Talk" forum on Perfect Union BBS.

  • The muzzle brake shown on our wood-stock Mini is by Smith Enterprises, as far as we know no longer available for the Mini-14.

  • International shipping is now being handled by one of our Independent Distributors. Please contact Gun and Surplus.