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About NEST Engineering

NEST Engineering is a California S-Corporation founded in 2004 to develop and distribute innovative technical products to niche markets. It’s debut product, the Accu-struttm, significantly improves the accuracy of the Mini-14, a popular semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Sturm Ruger & Co. (with which NEST Engineering has no official affiliation).


Company Philosphy

“NEST” stands for Niche Ergonomic Solutions & Technologies. The Company seeks innovative solutions to special design or engineering problems, especially through intuitive, non-linear analytical approaches. The Company’s Founder has long noted the frequent opportunity for engineering solutions which are  unobvious, yet practical and elegantly simple. The Accu-strut rifle-accurizing device is a good example of this distinctive engineering paradigm:

·        Niche” refers not only to a unique design approach, but also to the fact that a specific product is targeted, for example a popular firearm.

·        Ergonomic” is intended in a broad sense, in that the solution must not only solve the problem, but also be ”friendly” from a human engineering point-of-view. In this case, the solution is simple, easily installed by the end-user, requires no gunsmithing or major modifications to the existing platform, and adds to rather than detracts from the aesthetic aspects of the rifle.

·        Solutions” infers a needs-based engineering approach. It is the Founder’s viewpoint that many engineered products fall somewhat short of full functionality. Sometimes a product addresses an issue, but an incomplete design may create new problems or be impractical and cumbersome in actual usage. For example, a firearm may have a light barrel for ease of handling and carrying, but exhibit sub-standard accuracy as a result.

·        Technologies”, referring to “high-tech” solutions and designs, will be used as necessary, but is not an end in itself. Many effective solutions utilize conventional, “low-tech” ideas in unconventional ways.

Future products will adhere to and indeed be inspired by a design philosophy that combines functionality with simplicity, practicality, and even aesthetic appeal.  


Accu-strut TM

The Accu-strut was invented and developed in 2004 by the current CEO and President of NEST Engineering. Seeking to improve the accuracy of his personal Mini-14 rifle, he conceived a simple and novel approach to stabilizing the barrel vibrations which normally constitutes a considerable source of inaccuracy in firearms, in particular the Ruger Mini-14. The device combines simple geometry with high-tech vibration-reducing materials and design. It is an easily-installed unit that attaches to the barrel of the rifle, requiring no gunsmithing or modification of the rifle itself. It is significantly simpler in design than current aftermarket products intended to address accuracy, yet seems to deliver superior performance. It also presents an aesthectically pleasing design. Sensing a market for such an inexpensive yet effective product, the Inventor formed NEST Engineering with the intention of developing and marketing this product and perhaps others.  


"Find a niche and fill it."  -Henry J. Kaiser